the end of the world!

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Welcome to the sci-fi apocalypse by author K.J. Jones (also writing as Josephine Macdonald)

Extinction Level Event (WARNING: Extinction Event), an addictive, high-action, character-driven, black humor apocalypse series influenced by true-life events from the ‘zombie apocalypse‘ of 2012.

The Apocalypse Cult Awaits You, Stay Informed!

Alert: Spoilers Ahead!

It began as a rabies-like virus, R140, and grew so much worse!

World War Three lasted less than an hour. China’s first strike hit Los Angeles. San Diego and parts of San Francisco also destroyed. Millions of displaced people walking along highways as the West Coast desert rapidly returns. All major cities in China obliterated. Was it suicide by the United States & its allies for the Chinese government to rid itself of their infected city populations while keeping the food-growing rural areas untouched?

The acting POTUS, hiding in Mount Weather, stops shipments of diesel needed for the generators of shut downed nuclear power plants to continue cooling the spent rods pools. Fires consume the facilities, releasing radiation into the air. Meltdown. Half of the United States is irradiated. It is his idea to rid America of the infected collected primarily east of the Mississippi River.

He’s lost all control over the US Armed Forces. Where did the ‘gone dark’ troops go?

Will the regroup reunite?

Can they all reach the safety of Indian Joe’s farm on the South Dakota-Nebraska border, where there are no nuclear power plants?

Who will survive the evacuation of Boston?

Will Mazy and Ben make their way through the mountains before the meltdowns begin? Ben doesn’t know Mazy is pregnant. Will radiation affect the fetus or does she carry another ‘super baby’ as Phebe seems to?

A huge surprise awaits them among the survivors from the Carolina lowlands. The couple may have found a new, highly useful hillbilly friend.

What will happen next to Eric, Mullen, Kanesha, & the Davis-St. Baptiste family? Will they die of exhaustion and/or sun exposure?

Recent Works

When survival instinct is all you’ve got, get some dysfunctional war vets to help you out!

Series available on Amazon: Extinction Level Event by K.J. Jones.

On all other platforms: WARNING: Extinction Event by Josephine Macdonald.

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