What do the characters look like?

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Miss Mazy, veteran Marine Corps lieutenant and intel operative, turned police officer when the outbreak erupts. She puts Nefertiti to shame!

Miss Kanesha Kane, equipped with sassy attitude.

Phebe when she had long hair.

Peter sort of looks like this guy. It is a bit difficult with Peter because his appearance is based on a real-life guy, whose picture I feel is wrong to display in public. Dark brown hair with very blue eyes is fairly common in the British Isles, much more so than in the United States. The real-life man in my life is Welsh.

Emily, if the girl didn’t straighten her hair.

Mazy’s younger sister, Desiree St. Baptiste.

NOLA Creole, a gens de couleur libre.

NOLA Creole

NOLA Creoles

A history of NOLA Creoles, click.

<–If skinnier, Eric Wong in the Before.

Eric Wong, the cool, confident Zoner fighter.

Originally, Miss Syanna Lynn Claiborne was mixed race with her beauty pageant queen mother being her black half. After extremists far-right people attacked Book One on Amazon reviews, lying through their teeth about content and scenes, and mentioning “race” quite often, I censored the book by eliminating any mention of Syanna as being mixed race. That is why there is little description of Syanna beyond her curly blond hair and her height. The character did not change – could not change – in my mind, so I just eliminated descriptions of her.

I guess she’d be assumed to look more this now.

Matt Gleason, if the guy had green eyes instead of blue.

The Molly, Peter’s trawler, is sort of based on Duke Crocker’s Cape Rouge in Haven. Not exactly how the Mol would look, but the Cape Rouge was basically what I had in my imagination as I wrote of the boat.

Sadly, this is what happened to the real Cape Rouge. It will probably happen to the poor Molly, left in Charleston.


Tyler Connor. I totally had the T2 teen, Edward Furlong, who played John Connor, in mind for Tyler. Same tough kid attitude.

Chris Higgins! The guy in this photo is even named Chris, and he’s a truck driver.

Sabastian Pezzimenti. “Pez.”

Anthony, Phebe’s brother, is a combination of these men, who are both Italian American.

Peter’s sister Caitlyn Sullivan, Boston PD.

Phebe’s mom, Colleen.

Jayce Jackson in the Before.

Ben Raven, if he had long hair.

This is actor David Midthunder from Fort Peck Indian Reservation Montana. He´s Hunkpapa Lakota, Hudeshabina Nakoda, & Sissiton Dakota. Hunkpapa is Sitting Bull’s band.

I will keep adding to this page as I find suitable pics for the remaining characters.

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